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Though many crimes against women go unreported, in the State of Tennessee (2013), there were:
Reported Sexual Assaults
Reported Abductions
Domestic Violence Cases
Physical Crimes In Schools
Our Core Principles
Womens Self Defense Training Chattanooga TN Female

Using your mind, first...

How you think or what you think makes the difference in winning or losing during an attack. The difference between being a survivor or a statistic. Most training systems focus on only physical action to defend yourself, which is the incorrect way to approach any threatening situation. W.I.T.S. teaches you the correct way.

Preparation is the key to a good defense...

 (1) Use your mind, (2) Practice Psychological Preparation, and (3) Physical Action. These elements, taught in that order will provide you the knowledge to be prepared BEFORE an attack, effectively react and handle various violent situations, and physically defend yourself against an attacker.

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